7 important steps Рhow to prepare and pass exams

Get prepared for exams

  • To succeed in any academic competitive exams , we need good preparation.
  • In general, success cannot be manufactured it just happens if you plan for it and do better practices to earn it.
  • Here are some useful exam preparation tips for academic as well as competitive exams.
    • Understand the nature of exam you are attending.
    • According to mode of exam collect all the resources relevant to it like text books , notes, link to online study material , preparation time table and target.
    • Keep your goal clear what to achieve and objectives when to reach that goal.
    • Plan the way of your approach in this initial stage.

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Time management

  • Note down how much time you have for the exams you are attending.
  • Plan out the preparation time you need spend for that exam.
  • Schedule your activities in such way that during exam preparation you will not have any disturbances or commitments that take your preparation time.
  • Make it as a habit.
  • Know the duration for your exam.
  • Analyze your strengths and overcome your weakness.
  • Concentrate on the questions you have prepared or note down answers to the questions which you are confident about.
  • Remember or note down the difficult question which you have answer at last.
  • Always take part in mock test where you could analyze the time you would take to complete your exam in real world.
  • Refer previous year question paper or model question paper . Practice these in your preparation time so that you would be familiar with time management in examination hall.
  • Take mock test or answer previous question paper in exact manner how you would going take the real exam after some days


  • Do not loose your concentration during preparation time.
  • Leave all your other thoughts aside and only concentrate on succeeding in exams.
  • Do not allow your other thoughts to drive way your exam preparation time so that you demotivate your self
  • Take a break and relax for some minutes if you think your mind is loosing concentrate.
  • Train your mind with the goal objectives


  • Remember the content you have gone through to succeed in this exam.
  • While remembering break your subject in to chapters. Chapters into pages. Pages into paragraphs and memorize these core content. If you know the core content of a lesson you could easily remember core points or key points.


  • If you think you failed to remember any of core points or lesson, cultivate the practice of reading the points you could not remember. Analyze why you could not remember and read thoroughly this time.

Re capture

  • Recollect the read content again. This time you start with core key points to a core paragraph. Core paragraph to pages. Pages to lesson and lessons to a subject

Re producing

  • Try to discuss with your fellow mate about the contents. If not try to write to analyze and understand your approach towards preparation. If you got struck at any point follow the next discussed step or if you come across a new content which is better than yours in the same subject try to follow the next step


  • Read the content where you got struck while reproducing. If you find that at this your struck frequency is more , then refer for alternate content in text book , online or with friends. Simplify and clear these struck points and note down the genuine reason.


  • After noting the reasons of failure during reproducing, rectify it. Plan the way to rectifying it. Make sure that you will do the same mistake as earlier. Try to be so clear about the stages like remembering , reading , recapturing , reproducing , referring. The content should in your mind as straight as possible.


  • Do as much revisions you could
  • If you have followed the previous stages in a correct way, revision would be easier
  • Not to worry or get disappointed if you could not revise .
  • Initially it takes time , on practice you start develop this as an habit.
  • You start to revise your exam content as newspaper with headline and content followed with that headline.

Follow the above discussed points with a positive approach in a confident way to succeed in exams.

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